Calls Tracker


If you are on the phone with your customers on a regular basis, this application is definitely for you. It is a quite simple application but it’s ease of you will convince you to adopt it. The application is divided into two sections.


Section 1: Customer information

The first section lets you save all the information about your customer. You will usually fill it on the first call you receive from the client and won’t have to care about it unless your client’s information changes. You can then update it as needed. As usual, you get an automatic numerical unique identifier. Then comes the company name, client last and first name, the contact tittle, the billing address, city, province/state, postal code/ZIP and country, the phone and fax number, the email address and the website address. All these fields are single line text except the province/state field that was designed as a dropdown for ease of use.


Section 2: Call information

The call section is designed for you to be able to add as many calls as you need. Your first entry will be assigned the number one and so on for the next calls. There are actually only three fields in this section. The first field is a dropdown menu with three choices to select the reason for the received call: billing, sales and support. Once again, you can simply add or remove choices to customize this field. These choices were also used to create a search so you can easily find out what are the main reasons your customers are calling you. The second field is also a dropdown menu with the simple answers yes and no to the question: «Do I need to follow-up on this call?». If your answer is yes, don’t forget to create a reminder! The last field is a comment multiple line text box with a WYSIWYG editor. You can write down any specific information concerning the call: information you gave, questions the client had, problems, new needs or any relevant information. The system will automatically add the date and time you created a new call in addition to the name of the user who created it.

Are you ready to make the tracking of your customer’s calls more efficient? Go ahead and play with the application, just click here and use the login information below:

Account: demo

Username: calls_demo

Password: calls_demo

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