The Biggest Problem With Online Database Software, And How You Can Fix It

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The biggest problem we see with online database software is generally for you and your team to find the way you want to use it. The process can be time consuming but needs to be done in order for you to get the best out of your new business management tool. If you choose not to do it, you may end up paying for a service you either don’t use or don’t use to its full potential. Now let’s dig a bit deeper and try to answer these questions.


What type of data do you need to track?

If you can’t answer that question on the top of your head, you may not be ready to get started with your new acquisition just yet. It should be clear for you and your team what are the goals you want to achieve with the software.

Do you need to track tasks, clients, inventory or progress notes? What you want to track should be specific to your industry. CPA’s tend to track tax related information such as tasks, clients, returns and billable time. On the other hand, filed services professionals tend to manage calendars of appointments with their customers and inventory of their spare parts. Some users will manage data related to theirs clients and may even share the information with them but other users will ose in in a different way.

You can also use your online database software to manage what I call your “internal data” that are not at all related to your customers. For example, many users will manage the tasks assigned to all the members of the team, according to the hierarchy present in their company. Managers then create tasks and assign them to their subordinates. As things get done, the employees change the status of each assigned task to “complete” and the managers can keep an eye on what is being done (and not!) with just a few clicks, checking out their dashboard and reports. This way of managing the tasks reduce tremendously the need for status and task assignment meetings.


Why did you choose an online database software to manage your data?

You may have been using spreadsheets or multiple free apps on your phone to manage your data in the past. You have now decided that you want to change the way you used to do things. Why? What is the purpose you are after? If you were using spreadsheets, my guess is that you were fed up with dealing with the multiple outdated versions of your data. Choosing an online database software will definitely resolve this issue since the users can view and edit the data in real time and in the same account. Goodbye spreadsheets!

If you were using multiple free apps on your phone to manage your business data, the problem that made you switch to an all-in-one software is probably that you got fed up of having your data scattered all over the place. Your online database software will now allow you a more integrated and global overview of your data. As an added bonus, you will now be able to link different items together. Link your tasks to your clients, your appointments to your patients or whatever else you need to connect together.


Is your team ready to use the software?

This may just be the most important question of all. If your team is not ready or willing to use the software, you will end up with the most common problem with online database software which is underutilization or even no utilization at all of your new tool.

The first major question you should ask yourself is what is the technology literacy of your team? Are they comfortable with online technologies? How much training will they need to become above average users? Should you budget some training with your vendor? Make sure you understand the needs of your team to ensure an optimal use of the software.

The second question I must ask you is: Did you consult your team during the choice of the software and implementation process? Are they willing to hop in? This is a must to consider if you ever want to successfully implement the software in your team. Remember that change can be hard on people. Read this other article if you need more information on change management in a reluctant team.


Now that you are aware of the biggest problem with online database software, you can positively resolve it. Remember Kohezion’s slogan: empowering, organizing, connecting.

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