7 Gifts You Can Give Your Boss if He Loves Legacy system

Gift for the Boss


Your boss simply loves his legacy system and doesn’t want to upgrade it? Here are 7 gift suggestions I’m pairing with each of my answers the questions he keeps asking you when you are discussing a potential migration.


Question 1: “How long will it take?”

My answer: All good things in life are worth waiting for. My suggestion is not to rush it.

My gift suggestions: Pocket watch, hourglass or sundial

A nice reliable classic pocket watch.

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3866-S Classic Collection Antiqued Finish Double Hunter Case Mechanical Pocket Watch

“Lifetime Movement Warranty.” No matter how long it takes.

Or, for the real old-school guy, what about an hourglass?

Hourglass Sand Timer – 60 Minute, Cherry Finish

The website even say it’s “a nice executive gift for the office”. Right on!

For the real dinosaur, a sundial. You simply can’t go wrong with a sundial.


Question 2: “Will we need some sort of a bridge solution during the implementation and migration?”

My answer: Systems should be replaced before its nature renders the data extraction and migration too difficult.

My gift suggestion: Build-your-own PC kit

How to Build a Computer: Learn How to Build Your Own Computer From Scratch. The Parts, Connecting Everything Together, Installation and More… All You Need to Know on How to Build a PC in One Guide!

The description says: “Save yourself the headache and learn the right way of building your own PC. Which parts you need, How to connect it all together, How to Install the operating system, And much more…!”

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!


Question 3: “What are the risks?”

My answer: Your business simply can’t afford any glitch. Play golf with your brother-in-law and trust the professionals to take care of your data.

My gift suggestion: Golf clubs

Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set with Bag, 13-Piece

“These clubs are designed to create maximum performance right out of the box for more confidence from tee-to-green. With a 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, five irons and a putter, the Strata Men’s Set provides a great combination of distance, forgiveness and control.”


Question 4: “How much will it cost?”

My answer: Call your accountant, review your budget together, make an enlightened decision and stick to the budget!

My gift suggestion: A piggy bank

MagNif Money maze Puzzle

“The Money Maze bank is a great combination of a challenging puzzle and an intriguing bank. It’s easy to make a deposit … but try to make a withdrawal! Drop coins or bills through the slot. In order to access your cash, you must SOLVE THE PUZZLE! The compartment inside is perfect for hiding a small gift too. Place your gift inside and force the recipient to solve the puzzle in order to receive their other gift.”

This should help him not to go over budget with the new solution.


Question 5: “How much training does this change will involve for my staff?”

My answer: How IT savvy is your team?

My gift suggestion: A computer training kit

Elenco MM8000K Micro Master Computer Training Kit

“Teaches You to Write Into RAMs, ROMs, and Run an 8085 Microprocessor, Write Initial Instructions in Permanent Memory in a 2816EPROM, Teaches All About Input and Output Ports and Computer Timers, Complete with 128 Page Lesson Manual, Instructions and Experiments”

His performance with this kit should easily answer the question.


Question 6: “Is all that cloud stuff safe?”

My answer: Nowadays, if you put your data in the hands of a well-known provider, your data is safe.

My gift suggestion: Cloud-computing for dummies book

Cloud Computing For Dummies [Paperback]

“The easy way to understand and implement cloud computing technology written by a team of experts

Cloud computing can be difficult to understand at first, but the cost-saving possibilities are great and many companies are getting on board. If you’ve been put in charge of implementing cloud computing, this straightforward, plain-English guide clears up the confusion and helps you get your plan in place.

You’ll learn how cloud computing enables you to run a more green IT infrastructure, and access technology-enabled services from the Internet (“in the cloud”) without having to understand, manage, or invest in the technology infrastructure that supports them. You’ll also find out what you need to consider when implementing a plan, how to handle security issues, and more.”

He should stop asking questions about cloud-computing after reading this.


Question 7: “Why would I change?”

My answer: Can you afford to have your system blow-up in your face?

My gift suggestion: A 1st generation iPod shuffle

Why fix it if it’s not broken? Why change it if it’s still working?

Apple iPod shuffle 512 MB White (1st Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

“512 MB model holds up to 120 songs; supports MP3, MP3 VBR, AAC, Protected AAC (from iTunes Music Store, M4A, M4B, M4P), and WAV, Up to 12 hours of battery life, with approximately 4 hour charge time, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility through integrated USB connector, Compatible with Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later (Mac OS X 10.3.4 or later recommended for use with low-power USB ports) and Windows 2000 with SP 4 or Windows XP Home or Professional with SP 2, Intuitive click wheel navigation – with just a thumb, you control Play, Pause, Skip, Repeat & Shuffle”

After listening to his 120 songs over and over and intuitively clicking the damn click wheel navigation, he may just beg you to upgrade the company’s legacy systems!


Happy Friday!



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