What the Best Database Application Pros Do (and You Should Too)

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The best database application pros have quite a few tricks up their sleeve. Here are a few things you can learn from them.


They have a plan and they stick to it

When they create their database application, it’s because they have a vision of what they want to achieve with it. There is no guessing and trying different avenues until they finally have the luck to find the right one. They simply know what works and doesn’t for them and they stick to the plan. The road to business success is paved with great applications and the pros know how to design them in the most effective way.


They know their business very well

The database application pros know their business. If you ask them what are their business data, they have a clear answer. They sure have a client and a task application but they also went outside the box and created applications to track their blog posts, employees’ annual evaluation or student performance. If you ask a few probing questions, you will probably find out that they also created a few personal apps. Create a food diary, a tracker for your exercise routine or track your deepest thoughts in a personal diary.


They understand the value of their data

Database apps pros will never say that gathering their data is time consuming but they will tell you it is a vital part of their business. If you work with them and you keep forgetting to log your data, you may get in big trouble. These pros understand that loosing a lead because you forgot to follow up is unacceptable. They see dollar signs attached to each of the information they create in their account. They see the importance of keeping a trace of all actions done.


They are great team players

Even if they hate assignment and status meetings, the database application pros are great team players. They understood a long time ago that meetings can be replaced by a streamlined assignation process integrated in their online database software. They also love to share the information whether it is through reports, comment sections or the notification feature. They sure understand the benefits of using technology to enable connections within the team.


They take advantage of all the fields and properties

The first time they logged into their account, even before creating their first real application, the user who became super-users and ultimately turned into pros dug deep into the software to understand all the properties you can give to the fields contained in your app. They understand the subtleties of each type of field and they use each of them to the best of what they have to offer. You will never see a pro use a single line text when they can use a dropdown. They also use the date, time and date-time fields to create amazing calendars facilitating the daily management of their data.


Do you consider yourself a database application pro? You may think you are far from it but I promise that with just a bit of practice, you will get there in no time. Remember to dig deep into the software. Don’t be shy and explore all the possibilities. Finally, make sure you understand what is the goal you want to achieve with your apps. It will help you get the most out of it.



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