The Best Advice You Can Get About Online Database Software

best advice online database software

Don’t put your online database software on a shelf

When you buy a new tool to improve your business efficiency, you only have half of the work done. If it stays unused, you will not benefit from all the advantages an application builder offers. Read on to learn how to pocket all the goodies.


Get empowered, organized and connected

The best advice I can give you about online database software is definitively to use it. I divide my advice into three parts.

Empowering the disempowered

By definition, an online database software allows you to take matter into your own hands. You are now a citizen developer, you don’t need the IT department to build your applications for you. It is time for you to step up, seize the tools offered to you and start working.

Your first apps may lack the finishing touch only experience will teach you how to add but this fact should not discourage you to keep perfecting your craft. Work with your team and listen to the suggestions of your coworkers. You will turn into a database application pro sooner than you think.

If you find yourself struggling, get some help from your vendor. A question sent through a support email can go a long way. Also remember that your vendor probably offers a knowledge base, a blog and training videos to help you along the way.

Organizing the disorganized

The reason you signed up for an online database software is probably because you were tired of working with spreadsheets or a legacy system. You are looking forward to organizing your data, all under the same roof.

To make sure you get the most out of your new acquisition, you want to start by importing your preexisting data into your new software. Most vendors will offer a data import wizard that should be easy to use. You may have to format your spreadsheets a bit before proceeding to the import to satisfy to the rules of the new software. If your data is stuck in a legacy system, consult your new vendor so they can do the migration for you.

Once your preexisting data is imported into the new software, it is time to organize your account. Don’t be shy and explore all the properties, features and preferences you are offered. Create your customized dashboard, searches, recurring items and reports. Adjust the role-based permissions for all your users. This is an exciting step, you are making the software your own.

Connecting the disconnected

An online database software should be used as a great communication tool between you and your team but also between you and your clients.

The software gives you the opportunity to link pertinent items together. For example, link your clients to the tasks you are doing for them or to the contracts that are binding both sides. Never forget what needs to be done in the future and what has been done in the past.

Finally, use your software as a team player. With all its users under the same account, the information can be shared easily inside your team. Use the notification feature to inform members of your team that a new item was assigned to them. Also use the sections to make notes and comments pertinent to specific items.


As you can see, an online database software in full of amazing features that will help you and you team to be empowered, organized and connected. Don’t miss that chance to improve your productivity and efficiency. Click here to give an application builder a try.

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