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I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I didn’t think my online database software is the best business solution around. A little self-promotion never killed anyone. It took me a long time to master the art of making promotion videos but I’m now quite proud of the results. If you ever wondered how my voice sounds, you now have five videos to watch with me as the voice-over! I hope you enjoy them.



How to create an application with Kohezion

Would you like to visually learn how to create an application with our online database software? Here is your chance. This video is showcasing each step to create and edit a new or existing app. This is where you will learn how to add different fields and create your default searches. Give it a try, it is way simple than you think! Remember, at Kohezion, we want to empower the disempowered. In order to do so, we made the application creation process as simple as possible. There is absolutely no programming skills needed.




How to import your data into Kohezion

All your preexisting data can’t go to waste and it would be a shame to have someone typing them into your new software for crippling hours. This is why we have the import feature. This video is not only guiding you through the steps to actually import your data into the software but it is also helping you clean up your spreadsheet in order to make the import simpler and easier. If you would like to have these instructions in a written form, click here.




How to use Kohezion on your mobile device

Kohezion is also available to be used on your mobile device. You will find all the same efficiency boosting features while you are on the road. There are only two things you need to learn in order to use your account on a mobile device: the two different double-click gestures and the pane-moving gesture. Simply put, the quick double-click will have you zoom in on your screen and the slow double-click will open your items and searches. To move the panes, you simply have to drag your finger on the screen.




Create a client tracker application with Kohezion

Only you know what you need to track about your clients. Is it simply their names and addresses or do you need other informations specific to your industry like their social insurance or social security number, their height and weight or even an emergency contact? While creating your client tracker, you have all the latitude you need to crate an app that will fit your exact needs. Have a look at this video to help you get started.




Create a task tracker application with Kohezion

A task tracker is probably the simplest app you can design but it is also the most powerful in terms of team management and work assignment. Keep it simple just like I did in this video or spice things up a bit with the addition of a few fields that will keep track of exactly what you need to know.




Are you feeling ready to create your own apps with Kohezion? We sure are ready to welcome you in the Kohezion Community!


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