Because I know what I want

Don’t we all love to customize everything? From the architecture of your house to the color of your hair, from the design of you coffee mug to your vegan shoes, every product or service is customizable.

But, how far can we go? Do you really want your architect to let you draw your own house? Same question for the hair color, do you really want to take the chance to mix the color yourself? The result may surprise you… A door in the ceiling and somehow very colorful hair may be your thing but if it’s not, keep reading.

We love to customize our world because we want to stand out, feel special and possess unique stuff. We feel entitled to have our environment fitting our needs and preferences. Mass market is not for you and I don’t design products for the mass market either. When you try to please everyone, you please no one. Kohezion is not an average product, but you are not an average customer, are you? No «must have», no «should do», just what you want and need. Isn’t this idea empowering?

If you are using Kohezion, you are an end user, you are a professional within your field but your field is not computer science. You are just like me, you don’t know HTML and you don’t want to learn it. Still, you are using multiple softwares everyday, at work or at home, to gather information or for entertainment.

You like to customize the configuration and appearance of your applications. You need a product letting you create, design, shape and tailor your application but you still need guidance and support. With Kohezion, we are co-creating your application, our developers give you a blueprint for you to work around and customize. We give you the tools to be efficient without getting lost. Let your personality show but without doors in the ceiling and blue hair only if your really ask for it.

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