Are you waiting for your plane to crash?


Ric Elias went through a scary life changing event in January 2009. The plane he boarded crashed into the Hudson River in New York. While his plane was crashing, he realized 3 things about himself. What can we learn from him?


It all changes in an instant

I no longer want to postpone anything in my life. (…) What would you get done that you’re waiting to get done because you think you’ll be here forever?» What are you postponing? A great project to make your business grow? Proposing to your fiancé? Sending that book you wrote to a publisher? Just do it. What can you loose?


I decided to eliminate negative energy from my life. I no longer try to be right; I choose to be happy.

How would you change your relationships and the negative energy in them?» Couldn’t we all learn to sincerely say «I’m sorry» when we behave badly? And couldn’t we learn to accept apologizes when someone stomp on his ego to say those same words? When is the last time you sincerely apologized to a customer who thought he got bad service from your business? What about we all do a big clean sweep in our entourage and keep only the ones that make us grow and let go of the people dragging us down? Business or family wise, we all deserve to evolve in a positive environment.


Be a great dad

Are you being the best parent you can?» What is being the best parent? Be kind, act with love and lead by example. You’ll see your little ones growing into great adults. Same for the business, be kind to the new assistant and listen to your mentor, they have something to teach you.


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