Application Showcase

If you are reading this blog, you probably know what an application is and what it can do for you. Just in case you don’t, let me give you a simple explanation of what an online database application is. Let’s take it one word at a time:


This is the easy part, it means it the application is on the net. If you have an internet connection, you are ready to go. No need to install the application on your computer so you don’t need to fuss with versions and upgrades. Yay!


A database is simply a collection of data. What type of data? This one is up to you! What type of data are you collecting so your business can thrive? Information on your customers? Inventory? Images? Information on your team meetings? Task tracking? The possibilities are endless. Keeping track of your data is a great way to save time and money.


The application is the way you decide to organize your database. It is the blueprint of your project. You could also call it a template. It is a tool that will help you perform the specific tasks related to the data you are collecting. You are «appifying» your data. You are turning your data into an online and interactive application you can customize to best satisfy your needs. There is no programming involved, applications are made to be used by the end users. The end users are the guys like you and me, using the technology but who are not experts at it.




Do you better see the big picture now? Do you see what an online database application could do for your business?

From now on, every thursday, I will showcase an application designed with Kohezion. I hope it will give you ideas about the growing possibilities for your business. I will mostly showcase application designed for small to medium businesses, but I will also try to challenge myself and design applications we didn’t think of yet. I told you, the possibilities are endless!

Did you take the Kohezion challenge yet? If you feel like sharing your genius ideas with the other Kohezion users, I could showcase YOUR application!

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