The Anatomy of a Great business Solution

Business Anatomy


To be considered a great business solution, all software must have certain characteristics to meet the high standards of your company. If we put aside the specifics inherent to your field, scope of practice and industry, I think all software must have at least these six features: secure, reliable, simple, customizable, affordable and sustainable. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.


Secure and Reliable

When it comes to business solution, IT and software, security is probably (hopefully!) your top priority. The security and reliability disasters your business could come across are a reality. You certainly don’t want to face lost vital business data or even worst, a security breach.

Your business solution software should be written in state-of-the-art code and extensively tested before your get on board. It should be backed-up regularly and be based on powerful servers. You also want your solution to be accessible at all time, wherever you are.

Cloud-based solutions have the virtue to be accessible on all your devices without having to be installed on specific computers and it allows members of your team to telecommute.



A simple business solution empowers the end-users who can use it with minimal assistance from the IT department. It should be quick to pick-up, without having to learn all sorts of new abilities to start with. The best business solutions are instinctive to learn.

The platform should give the non-IT users enough resources to manage their own projects. You must get the autonomy to do what you want fast, without waiting for IT to do it for you.



When it comes to customization, the opinions differ within the experts. Should we or shouldn’t we let the end-users customize? I say a loud and clear YES!

End-users should have the ability to manage their data the way they want, when they want. They should customize to their own needs and preferences. I think the end-users are the masters of their trade. They are the ones knowing exactly what they need. The software developers have the responsibility to create software easy enough to use by any user with a minimum of technical knowledge.

When you give the power to the users, the productivity and efficiency spike.


Affordable and Sustainable

When considering a new business solution, any given CEO or CIO will ask you the same exact question: “What is my ROI for your software?” These wise guys are asking a very important question.

On top of meeting your requirements, the business solution you choose must respect your budget and even make you save money. In order to do so, it should improve your processes and enhance the communication within your team. The business solution you select must also be a long-term solution, not just a temporary patch. It must grow with your needs down the road.

Cloud-based solutions provide the great benefit to include upgrades exonerating you of the recurrent installation of new versions.


I named six features I consider mandatory to be part of the anatomy of your business solution. I’m sure you can add to the discussion. What are your must-haves when it comes to business solution characteristics?



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