All emails are not made equal… Answering or not answering, that is the question!



To answer or not to answer, that is the question

Every morning, I wake-up to at least two dozens of emails if my inbox, and this is a slow day. There are LinkedIn groups updates, unsolicited propositions of all kinds, support requests from clients, friends and family updates, feeds I’m following and all sorts of stuff. My questions are:


– Am I supposed to answer all the emails I receive?

– How am I supposed to keep up?

– How do I prioritize if I don’t want to spend half of my morning doing so?


I may not have the perfect answer but I have a possible solution. I divide the abundant received emails into three categories with simple rules to follow in terms of when and what to answer.


No need to!

Easy peasy! These are the offers without a call to action, I will only answer if interested. We’re talking about webinar offers, newsletters, social media updates, threads I’m following and so on.

A little piece of advice here, be careful with where you leave your email address, you can easily end up with a lot of these everyday! Make sure to unsubscribe from those you don’t read regularly and pay attention to your notification settings in the social medias.

Answer ASAP!

Those are my VIPs: clients, leads, solicited vendors (even if I’m not interested anymore!), friends and family. You email me: you get an answer, PERIOD. This is called being respectful and I won’t cut corners here.

Don’t necessarily answer, take your time!

The infamous unsolicited emails. This third group is tricky and goes on a case-by-case basis. I’m a Sales Director. My monthly pay-check is based on my sales. Of course I do unsolicited emails and I expect (hope?) to get an answer. But all unsolicited vendors are not made equal. Some are nice and may cater to some of my needs.

Based on the time available to me, you may receive a polite answer. But if the message is rude or repetitive (some can be incredibly rude!!), I’ll either go ballistic and  send you a piece of my bad mood or I’ll just take a deep breath and trash it.

Another piece of advice here, if you send unsolicited emails, be kind and polite to the person (yes, it’s a person!) on the receiving end. Your SEO offer will not find me interested if you tell me my website sucks. Give me some advice, make a clear call to action or spare me some insightful information. Don’t be aggressive, be positive!



What about you readers? How do you deal with your inbox? Any suggestions for me?