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Adobe FormsCentral Alternative plan b online database software

Adobe retired its form builder on July 28, 2015, leaving its users without a readily available replacement. If you are looking for a free online form builder as an alternative for your outdated and unusable FormsCentral account, Kohezion might just be what you are looking for. In this article, I’ll quickly describe what was Adobe FormsCentral, I’ll explain how our online database software is a perfect substitute, and I’ll do a quick overview of how to create forms within your Kohezion account.

Adobe FormsCentral

Adobe FormsCentral was an online form builder allowing its users to create PDF or HTML forms for data collection and analysis. Its users were able to create custom forms, publish them online, and analyze the data with auto-generated tables and charts. This product was officially retired on July 28, 2015.

For small businesses in the search for a suitable low-cost option, the challenge is risky. The market is flooded with data management solutions varying in complexity and quality. Some solutions only offer prohibitory preformatted forms, some others allow various levels of customization, with or without programming. Possible add-on features include workflow, calculation fields, and payment processors to name just a few. These are all great options, but wouldn’t it be great if you could collect, organize, and analyze all your business data using a one-stop-shop software?

Free Online Form Builder

If you previously discovered the empowering capabilities of online database software, you already know the answer to online form building. If you are not yet familiar with Kohezion, it’s an online tool helping you to collect, organize and analyze your business data. Database applications allow you to track all your business data, whether it’s clients, contracts, appointments, or anything else vital to your business organization. To better understand the lingo, I suggest you have a look at this article. You can also watch the following 30-second video to get a quick overview of what Kohezion does for their clients.

Use Kohezion to integrate your data collection forms within your existing applications and projects. Kohezion can be used as an online form builder with endless customization possibilities. Creating an application is just like building a form. It’s up to you to decide which fields are discoverable in your online form or not. Your customers will simply use the automatically generated public item creation link provided in your account to input data in your Kohezion account. You also have the option to embed this link into your own website for a seamless integration.

Even if the data is stored into your Kohezion account, this doesn’t give your clients access to your data. You keep the control of your account, within the comfort of your database application software. Kohezion is an all-in-one solution to compile data, either from your customers or your employees. Some features comprised in your Kohezion account include customized searches, reports, calendars, recurring items, workflow, email notification, and pivot tables. If you want to learn more about Kohezion’s features, click here.

How to Create Forms in Kohezion

If you already work with a Kohezion account, here is how to turn an application into a public form. If you are starting from scratch, the first step is to build your form:

  1. Click on the Projects tab.
  2. Click on the Applications tab.
  3. Click New.

Create form online database software

Drag and drop the fields you require. You can choose from a wide variety of fields: single or multiple line text, dropdown, dates, checkbox, and lots more.

Create Your Application Kohezion Online database Software


After you created your application, update the properties of the fields you want to include in your online form. Simply check the public field box for all the necessary fields.

Public field value online database software Kohezion

Once your application (form) and project are created, all you need to do is to open the project and to copy the already available public item creation link. Share it with as is or embed it into your own website.

Public Item Creation Link Online Database Software Kohezion

Collecting data from your customers is made quick and easy with your online database software. Kohezion’s usefulness doesn’t stop with data collection. Create your own free forever account and explore Kohezion’s amazing features to create, collaborate, and succeed.

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