9 Signs You’re a Business Solution Expert

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Are you still a beginner with your business solution or are you attesting of many of these signs experts possess? Read on to find out.


1. You are using an online database software to manage your business data

Experts know that data is money. If you are already amongst the numerous bright business owners and employees using a business solution to manage the business data, I therefore consider you an expert. How many times do I have to hammer it?

If you are not efficiently managing your data and getting the best out of it, you are loosing money!


2. You have multiple database applications in your account

We all start with a client and a task application but if you are a real expert, your apps will soon multiply exponentially. Will you believe me if I tell you that I have 22 database applications in my personal account?

I think I already told you that, in a parallel universe, I’m also a mental health nursing professor. Of course, I have apps for that. I have an application to manage my accounts, usernames and passwords for the numerous websites I log on every single day. I have an app for my assistant to log her hours in and describe what she is doing for me.

If you can imagine an application, you can create it!


3. You create multiple projects from each of your applications

Either you create a project per year of you divide your life just like I do with sales and nursing. Tasks must be divided into different projects since these projects have nothing to do one with each other.

My tasks related to Kohezion don’t have anything to do with the ones related to nursing. You can always create a huge melting pot of all your items but I prefer, and definitely suggest, that you create different projects for different items, even if they come from the same application.


4. You use the item link property

I know, I constantly write about this property but it is to convince you that, if you are using more than one application, you absolutely need it. Linking your related items will transform the way you use your business solution.

Parents can have none to many children, just like for example, a customer can have one or more attached tasks or a student can have multiple evaluations. The sum of all items linked together equals more than each of them alone. Experts know that.


5. You create your reports once then receive them in your inbox

You are an expert if you schedule your reports. By definition, reports are boring and you usually don’t feel like putting much effort into setting them up. Good news for you, create you report once, program it according to the schedule and period you need and forget about it.

The system will put it together for you and send it in the inboxes you desire. Experts know how to manage their time and take advantage of automation.


6. You have few searches for each project

If you create too many searches, it may be that you didn’t understand how searches work. I once had to explain to a new user that you don’t have to create 31 searches, one for each day of the month. You can simply create one and select the property “current day”. This may be a silly example but I think it showcases my point.

Experts understand the system they work with and manage their account in order for it to be the less crowded possible. In terms of searches, less is more.


7. You are using permissions and filters

Once in a while, I am asked by prospects if they could create different accounts for different departments of their businesses. They don’t want these departments to have access to the data of each other. If you are a real expert, you know that you would definitely lose out on that trade.

It is to solve this problem that your business solution should offer role-based permissions and filters. Owners and top-tier managers still have access to all the data in the same account for searching and reporting purposes but each user only have access to what he or she should.


8. You are using the multi-projects custom calendar feature

Remember my 22 applications and 47 related projects? Since I don’t want to have to go though 47 calendars to finally get the big picture on my date-related items, I created a few multi-projects custom calendars to simplify my life. With a colour-coded legend, I can quickly understand which item is related to which project.

Experts don’t like to lose time going through unsorted data, they want to access exactly what they need quickly.


9. You have a clean dashboard

Nothing annoys me more than a cluttered dashboard. Why would you do this to yourself?

The purpose of a dashboard is to access your most important information quickly and clearly. Too many widgets only create clutter. I know the widget wizard is fun to use but pace yourself!


After reading this, can you consider yourself an expert?

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