Improve your business productivity: 8 tips to work smarter, not harder!

work smarter


Work smarter, not harder!


We hear that catchphrase all the time. But how can we apply it to our daily life as entrepreneurs? Here are 8 of my best tricks!


1.  Organizing

Organize your personal space. A lot of us are working from home but you should have an office space and your office should only be an office. Not the extra bedroom, not the kitchen counter. Organize your paperwork as much as your computer desktop and mailbox. This will save you so much time. And should I say anything about data management? Do you see me coming from a mile away? I’m obviously sold to data management software, but I say, whatever your system, make sure you are organized. (But you should definitely get a web-based data management software!)


2.  Envisioning

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years down the road? Knowing where you’re going and what you want to achieve is vital to you and your business. Trying this and that and starting all over again won’t lead you to success. As long as you believe in your project, look forward and work hard, everyday. But remember the saying, it’s not just about the destination, the journey is as important if not more. Cherish the little achievements, they’re in fact big milestones.


3.  Choosing

This goes with having a vision and making plans accordingly. Making choices is sometimes very difficult. I am trained as a Registered Nurse and I love to practice my art. I would love to finish my master’s degree. But I chose to have a flourishing business that takes most of my time. If you’re trying to do everything at the same time, you’ll end up failing everything. This is why I chose to put nursing aside and give all my attention to the business. Choose what you want to finish and finish what you start.


4.  Tracking

Tracking will help you get better at what you do. Cold calling scripts, networking events follow-ups, social media strategy, track everything! Take notes of what worked and what didn’t. Make mistakes, but not the same twice. We’re often scared to track  what we are doing because we may end up realizing that what we are doing sucks. Are you getting any good results? No. Then why being so afraid of change? It can only go uphill from here!


5.  Scheduling

Organize your schedule in order to respect your biorhythm. It seems that I can’t write blog posts when there is daylight. I usually write after 9PM (It is currently 10:03PM and I’m not exactly done…). This is the way I am. I train at the gym at 9:30AM. Bootcamp at 6AM? Are you crazy? And don’t talk to me about Zumba at 6 or 7PM, it’s dinnertime! Listen to your body and mind, you’ll be so much more efficient. Keep the repetitive and boring tasks for your down time and use your prime time for the important stuff.


6.  Listening

Not many serious business book will tell you this but sometimes, following your gut feeling is your best guess. What is your little voice inside saying about that big contract? Do you really want to give up 20% of your business to an investor even if it’s giving you cramps just thinking about it? When Thierry and I decided to give the business our full attention, it was because our guts were screaming at us to leave the corporate world behind. No regrets yet!


7.  Training

Healthy body, healthy mind you know? Five mornings a week, you’ll find me at the gym. I’m dancing cumbia, reggaeton and moving my hips like no one. And when we are lucky enough to be by the ocean, every single day I’m on the water pumping my kite and riding waves for a good two hours. For me, training is as essential as eating and sleeping. It clears my mind and keeps me sharp. It makes me feel strong and confident. When I hear the music, when I feel the wave licking my feet, I get in touch with a part of myself I can’t access sitting on the couch. Whatever activity it is that turns you on, move!! Fit is smart: work out! Surf’s Up!


8.  Breathing

Breathing is way underrated. I’m serious. Taking a deep breath will calm your nerves before a big presentation. Taking a deep breath will give you some time to calm down when you feel like jumping in someone else’s face. Taking a deep breath will ground you and put you in touch with yourself. Don’t we all need this?