8 Effective Online Database Software Elevator Pitches

elevator pitch online database software


Not sure online database software is good for your business? Here are my eight elevator pitches to try to convince you otherwise.


#1 Online database software will save you time.

Quit spending hours of your time in meetings. With an online database software, you can skip the assignment and status meetings. For each of your tasks, you can assign a coworker responsible for the completion of the task directly in your account. To see who is available for more work, simply run a quick search and you are done. Status meetings are replaced by automated reports that will give you all the information you need to know to run your business smoothly.

#2 Online database software will save you money.

If your staff is not loosing its time in endless meetings, they can spend this time actually working and making money for you. If you track your data effectively, you will not forget important tasks and follow-ups with potentially lucrative leads. Replacing your costly legacy system by a state-of-the-art online database software will save you many thousands a year on maintenance.

#3 Online database software is an amazing collaboration tool for your team.

Stop replying to all in endless chains of emails to make sure everybody got the memo about this important change in the schedule or the note about that big client. Simply add a comment section to each of your applications and you have a great communication toll that will actually leave a trace you can look back to whenever you need. Also use the notifications and reminders features to keep everybody up to date.

#4 Online database software will help you manage your calendars.

Who wants vacations when? When is the next available training session? Who’s available for the next meeting? With an online database software, create shared calendars and solve all these problems. All data can be viewed in monthly, weekly and daily calendars and you can even create multi-projects calendars for a global overview.

#5 Online database software will help you link your tasks to your clients.

Don’t you want to know what you did for whom? When you link your items together, you get that big picture. Whenever you need, check out the client’s information and at the same time, look up all the tasks you ever did for her. Don’t ever get caught on the phone not knowing the topic of your last discussion with a lead. With online database software, you’re covered.

#6 Online database software will keep all your data under the same roof.

Don’t ever track your clients on a spreadsheet and your clients only on your phone. If you are suing such a “system”, I bet you are not tracking half of your data. Use online database software to log everything under the same account. One username and one password is all you need to keep your data safe. Worried about security? You don’t want all your team to have access to all information? No problem! Role-based security is there to help you manage the permissions in your account.

#7 Online database software will help you track your leads efficiently.

Of course, you want to track your clients with their tasks and contracts. But what happens to your leads? They need your attention too! Create an application for your leads and track all your phone calls, emails, meetings and presentations. This will also help you learn what is the length of your sales cycle.

#8 Online database software will take care of all your reporting needs.

Online database software creates amazing reports with your data. Send your reports to your clients to let them know what you are doing for them. You can customize and schedule your reports to your exact needs. Create reports in different formats. On top of it, you can even make your reports public. What else could you ask for?


These are eight of my selling points for online database software. What else would you add to the list?

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