7 Things About Online Database Software Your Boss Wants to Know

boss want you to know


You wish you had better tools to organize your day-to-day tasks and the overall data management of the business you work for. Your boss may not be on the same length. Forward him this article, he may just change his mind and get you equipped with an amazing online database software.


1. No more spreadsheet cluttering the mailboxes and desktops

With an online database software, you team can say “ciao!” to the multitude of data collecting spreadsheets that are being ineffectively shared inside the team through emails. There is no way everybody can have the lastly updated version and mistakes are bound to happen. Import those spreadsheets and create custom database applications where everybody will collaborate in real time.


2. He will see on his screen whether or not you are up to date

With a simple refresh of his dashboard, you boss will have the ability to see what are the completed tasks and what remains to be done. There is no more need for calls of stops at your desk to interrupt your productivity. The information is shared through the software and updated in real time. You can even enter comments on an item and notify the users who need to be in the loop via the system.


3. No more task assignment meetings

Exit the need for endless assignment meetings. You no longer have to waste a couple of hours of everybody’s time every week to sit down and discuss who will do what. If you manage everybody’s tasks with an online database software, you can easily find out who is available for new assignments, proceed and the system will automatically notify the user of the new task. Talk about efficiency!


4. He will easily control the information

With a role-based security management, it is easier than ever to control who sees what and who can and cannot collaborate to different projects. There are many levels of permissions. You can have your super-users be account or project administrators. Give other users the permissions to create, delete, edit and/or view items. You can even go further and create filters to narrow the items a user can see within a project. You may need to have some users see only the tasks they are assigned to or the incomplete tasks. The role-based permissions are 100% customizable.


5. The recurring tasks will be automatically assigned

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly tasks and everything in between won’t be forgotten anymore. Create the recurring tasks once and they will be created automatically according to the period and schedule you selected. The tool is there to make sure everything is done at the right time, without needing you to spend too much time planning these tasks. Dedicate your time and energy to the actual task, not to the planning. Clever!


6. He won’t have to wait for your reports

Bosses love reports! To please him, create the perfect status report for him, schedule it and forget about it. He won’t have to ask you all those questions anymore and you won’t forget to send him the information since the system will automatically create it for you and send it via email to the users you selected.


7. It will make your life simpler

All these features are promoting empowerment, organization and connection. The empowerment refers to your ability to create and manage your applications and projects by yourself, without knowing any programming notions. The organization part is obvious. Having all your data under the same roof and benefiting of a multitude of features to slice and dice this information according to your specific needs will not only organize your data but will also improve your efficiency and productivity. Finally, the last part of the triad is the connection an online database software provides. It allows you to connect the dots between your applications, projects, items and users. Communication is improved within your team and your business prospers.


Don’t forget to forward this article to your boss. You’ll thank me later!

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