7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Online Database Software

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Some features are like hidden gems; you need to dig a little to discover them. But once you do, how happy are you!


The reminders

I’m not a big fan of using reminders for each and every task I’m assigned to, I think it rapidly becomes repetitive and annoying. But when my tasks are set a few weeks or months down the road, reminders become very useful. Remember points 5 and 6 in my 10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Business Solution? You are right; it’s forgetting your appointments and to return calls, leading to loosing leads and money. Nobody wants that. In just a few clicks, set up one or more reminder for your item. For very important tasks, I like to set a reminder 2 days in advance and on the day of the event. Better be safe then sorry.


The searches

Databases are awesome tools when well organized. To make sure you quickly have access to your business data, create searches to filter the information. You should have enough searches to simplify the daily use of your online database software but not too much either. If you have to create a search to filter your searches, you are missing the point here! Your searches are usually the basis for accessing your data, running your reports and creating your dashboard widgets. Take some time to browse through the criterion available to create your searches, there are some gems hidden there too!


The dashboard

Honestly, I don’t work from my dashboard all the time, I better be in the action on my workspace. But I use the dashboard at various times during my workday. I’ll usually go on my dashboard early in the morning and after lunch. These are times when I want to take a few minutes to actually look at what I have done and what still remains to be done.  For example, even if I receive my reminders via emails, I like to check all my reminders in one place, with my reminder widget. The dashboard creates a great overview.


The preferences

With every software you use, there are always some hidden preferences you can access. This is where you can make subtle but powerful changes in terms of productivity and efficiency. I like to have the possibility to change which tab I see first when I log in, hide the quick help, change the number of items showing up in a grid and so on. A software should always give you the ability to customize your views to fit exactly what you need to do.


The reports

When it comes to online database software, you want to log in data but at one point or the other, you also want to take it out! When you have access to a report feature, use it! Create report templates, run them through your searches, change the format, print it, email it, sky is the limit. The report feature is usually where you will have the ability to export all or a sample of your data as CSV files. This can be very useful to import your data in another software. Most online database software (we sure do!) will give you the possibility to create report templates in different formats such as HTML, XML, Text and Word. You can also create public reports and embed them on your own website.


The recurring items

Talking about automation, don’t we all have some tasks that are recurring? Creating this or that report at the end of each month, attending staff meeting every Monday at 10:00 or even renewing our contracts with our clients every year. Of course, you don’t have to create each and every of these items one at a time. We’re all about efficiency, right? Most online database software (again, we sure do!) will offer you the possibility to create recurring items according to a certain period and schedule. Fill in the fields that are recurrent (name of your task, time, etc.) and all you will have to do when the moment comes is to fill in the remaining fields. Perfect!


The permissions

Last but not least, your online database software is most definitively giving you the possibility to customize the access to your databases through the permission settings. There are different levels of access for your users. One or two will be account administrators and have 100% access. A chosen few super-users will get access to the project settings with a project administrator permission. Most will simply have permission to create, edit and delete items. Account and project administrators should be people you deeply trust since they will get access to your projects and applications.



These where just 7 secrets to totally rocking your online database application, I’m sure we can find many other. Leave a comment to share which feature is your hidden gem.


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