6 business blogs you should read

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Of course, there are my top of the world favorites. You have to check these out. And of course there is my own super blog you should read everyday! Other than that, here are a few I discovered lately. Enjoy!


1.  Women 2.0

Women, entrepreneurship and technologies: for women, by women. We’re a match made in heaven!


2.  Church of the Customer Blog

Because we can never get enough of marketing tips!


3.  Scripting News

Dave Winer started blogging in 1994. He writes about anything he finds interesting. I like that.


4.  Harvard Business Review

Serious stuff.


5.  Inc.

They say it’s « (…) where you can find everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.» Can’t argue with that.


6. Rajesh Setty’s Blog

«Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Alchemist. Bringing Ideas To Life, With Love!» Also have a look at Sparktastic for inspiring prints.



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