6 Online Communities About Business Productivity You Should Join

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We all love to communicate with like-minded people. If you are actively pursuing the improvement of your business productivity, I strongly suggest that you join these six groups, three on Google+ and three on LinkedIn.


Google+ Community Productivity

This first community is a public one consisting of 2,045 active members. There are many categories where you can post and follow other members’ activities. I personally enjoy the members blogs and apps, the links to share, the trusted systems and software but there are many more.

A sample of the topics I could find there in the last few days are advices on how to manage your emails, the Getting Things Done system, business management tips and blog posts, learning from failures, the pros and cons of multitasking and much more. This is a very open community, don’t be shy and leave a comment on any thread and before you know it, you will get an informative answer.


Google+ Community Time Management & Productivity

This is an emerging community but with very much potential. There is still only 297 members but it is very lively.

The latest subjects on the thread are about time management and tracking, tips for bloggers, tips to manage meetings, advices for Evernote users, good software suggestions and much more.


Google+ Search #Productivity

This may not be a community or a group, but if you simply don’t want to miss anything about business productivity, this is where you want to be. I personally check out the results of this search a few times per week to stay in touch with the latest and greatest of what is going on in the productivity world.


LinkedIn Group Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society

The founders of the group describe the purpose of this group to be:

“The purpose of this group [is] to explore avenues [and] to develop innovation toolkits.”

On top of this, discussions threading in this group are quite diversified. It goes from open innovation, great job interview tips and tricks and open data to handling adversity, trademarks and arts.

With its 9,609 members, this professional group is a blooming and very active group.


LinkedIn Group Business Process Improvement and Change Management

This is a private group including 28,801 members and counting. The group is described as being:

“Group for Change Management and Business Process Improvement professionals to discuss experiences related to: Aligning an organization’s processes to realize the organization’s goals, Defining the organization’s strategic goals and purposes, Determining the organization’s customers. Approaches to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state including both organizational change management processes and individual change management models, which together are used to manage the people side of change.”

The members are very active and are sharing a multitude of discussions. The latest interesting discussions you can find on the thread are definitively very diversified with subjects such as coaching, finding solutions to your work related problems, getting prepared for tough interviews, business culture and the challenges of an aging workforce.


LinkedIn Group Business Process Improvement

This is a private group including an impressive 73,131 members. The founders describe this group:

“This is a group for Business Process Improvement, Quality, Six Sigma and Lean professionals who want to expand their network and be exposed to new ideas and tools.”

Even with such a number of members, the discussions are not as numerous as you could think but the engagement is great. You really get the feel that the members in this group take the time to ponder the question and answer truly. The latest trading topics include lean processes, template design, employee reward and recognition, communication, data management, entreprise goals and much more.


Remember, when you join online communities, you should always follow the group rules and remain polite in all circumstances. Don’t be a troll!

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