5 Tools Everyone in the Business Productivity Industry Should Be Using

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Here are my top 5 business productivity tools to help you improve your business productivity. I thought we could think outside the box for once. Let me know what you think!


1. A personalized work routine

Lately, I shared with you my personal 24-hours work-life routine and I truly hope it helped you create your own. What I mean here is that is it majorly important for each individual to know how you work, what is your prime and your worst time for each of the activities you usually do during workdays.

I’m not suggesting any tools per se, what I am saying is that you should have a good look at yourself, you can even take notes during a week or two and identify what works (and don’t!) for you. You can then write down your work routine and try to stick to it for another week or two. After upgrading it with your new findings, make sure you have a copy of it on your mobile devices and even a printed copy by your screen in your office. It will remind you what you are supposed to do at what time and will keep you on track.


2. Some great (noise cancelling) headphones

I give you permission to point at me and laugh; I’m a true millennial. Born in the early 80’s, I thank the inventors of Bose noise cancelling headphones everyday. I confess it, I work with music in my ears all the time. I’m in front of a computer 8 to 10 hours a day for work purposes and I need to concentrate without hearing my coworkers talk over the phone or play with their pen. This is why I’m wearing my beloved headphones most of the time. As an added bonus, they are blocking the sound of my keyboard; which is otherwise truly annoying to me.

Let me clarify something to the headphones haters. It is very simple, just view my headphones as a door. If you need to talk to me right this second, you will knock on my closed door. Do just the same with my headphones, if you need to talk to me right this second, come close to me, wave and smile. I sure will take them off and chat with you. It’s that simple!


3. A social medias management system

Welcome to the 21st century and take advantage of automation. A social medias management system allows you to take care of your social medias at a different time than your actual posting time. Who has time, at different moments during the day, to post on social medias? Such a waste of time and energy!

I personally use CoSchedule but there are many other ones out there. Simply choose the one that fits your needs and your budget.


4. A business mission statement

Really? Really! You may not think it is an actual tool but think again. Just like for your work routine, writing down your business mission statement will help remind you what you are working for and how you want to do business with your clients and coworkers.

When I first did this exercise, I kind of struggled to put words on my feelings and ideas. But I kept working at it and we actually made a team effort to put words on paper. It is printed and displayed besides all computer screens of our team. Here is what ours look like.


5. An online database software (Kohezion!)

Did you really think I would not mention that you need an online database software as a business productivity tool? Think again! An online database software will save you so much time that you can use to actually get some important work done instead of loosing your time ineffectively managing your data.

Say one last goodbye to your evil spreadsheets and embrace a simple but powerful piece of technology that will literally transform the way you work. Click here to learn more about Kohezion or even better, email me to book a free presentation. It will be my pleasure to convert you to the use of an effective tool to help you grow your business.


Are you ready to be empowered, organized and connected with us?

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