5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Online Database Software

reasons ignore online database software


1: It is an application builder

Your needs don’t have to fit in the software. It is the other way around. You have the possibility to create any application you want for your business. You can start with the three basic templates offered when you create your account but you can edit them as much as you want and create new ones that will fit exactly what you need.

It is not a problem if your data is very specific to your industry. You can track pretty much any type of data with your custom applications. Track clients, tasks and contracts but you can also track blog posts you are writing or even the progress of the clients you are seeing as a therapist.

Don’t forget that you can create many projects from the same application. Use your simple task tracker to create a project in order to manage the tasks for your daily office tasks but you can also create task management projects to manage your special events such as the next holiday’s party or the annual golf tournament. There is no limit to what you can do.

2: You don’t need programming skills

You can do it yourself! You don’t need to learn complex programming languages. After watching a few quick training videos or attending a demo, you are ready to start creating your applications, projects, searches, reports and dashboards. You don’t need an IT team or to hire a consultant to create your applications. You can do it by yourself by following the few simple steps.

3: You can collaborate with your team

No more spreadsheets and long email exchanges are on your horizon when you adopt an online database software. Each application you create is just like the spreadsheet you were using but only a lot better. Each column of your spreadsheet becomes a field in your application. With this kind of software, you can slice and dice the information in a way that is simply not possible with a spreadsheet.

As an added bonus, all the data is stored in the cloud in real time. All the members of your teams become users and can collaborate on the same projects without loosing any information.

You can also add a section for comments on all your applications and a send-to field to email these comments to the concerned user. Unlike the emails you would send through your email provider inbox, you leave a trace of your communications within the concerned item you are working on.

4: You can import your data

We value the work you have done before adopting an online database software. You sure don’t have to start from scratch. The data you created before has a lot of value for your business and we want to build from it.

Create you application first and then import your data or you can import the data and edit the application after. Both options are fast and easy to do by yourself. If you don’t have time or interest to do it yourself, your vendor can of course do it for you.

5: It is affordable

There is a wide range of options available on the market when it comes to the price of online database software. You can even get it for free! You can also opt for consultation with a reasonable account setup fee or go for the enterprise solution with service level support agreement and a monthly subscription. If you want to figure out how much you should be spending, read this article.


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