5 Qualities the Best People in the Business Solution Industry Tend to Have

Five Star Qualities


The business solution industry is not always easy, especially for vendors. We’re often seen as the big bad wolves. We are offering comprehensive solutions for your business but it comes with a price in terms of money and time invested in the implementation process. For you, potential client, I’m listing here the five quality your vendor should have and the reasons why I think you shouldn’t settle for anything less.


1. Trustworthy

Your vendor should be there when you need him. His behaviour during your free trial and during the buying process in a good indicator for the support you will get from him when you go from prospect to customer.  He should be there if you need support and to answer your questions. He should understand how valuable your time is and how important it is for you to succeed. He should want to help you on your path to success. And if you ever encounter a bug or a server breakdown along the way, you should be able to expect apologies and a swift return to the usual course of activities from your vendor.


2. Passionate

Isn’t it amazing when you work with someone who loves what he does and he does it right as a result? Whether it is selling you the best product for your needs, giving you support or following a personal passion, your vendor should put everything he has into what he does. Passionate vendors will usually be selling software where the developers are as passionate and you can expect regular new features as a bonus.


3. Creative

Your vendor should help you design the best database applications possible. You sure know your industry and your needs better than anyone but data architecture isn’t necessarily your forte. Your vendor is the expert when it comes to data architecture, he should be able to think outside the box to help you create the most suitable applications for your needs. The vendor should also listen to your suggestions to improve the software. You may not be the expert but you are the one using this software several hours a day. Your voice should be heard.


4. Patient

Your vendor should be helping you make your decisions, one at a time, without rushing at any point during the buying process. He should respect your schedule and be the one to adapt to your needs and planning. He should be there to answer your questions, even if you ask the same ones over and over! If your vendor is pushy and impatient during the trial and buying period, what can you expect from him when you need support along the way as a customer? There is no room in the business solution industry for impatient and pushy vendors.


5. Positive

Don’t we all want to do business with a smiling human being? No zombies are allowed in the business solution industry! Positiveness wraps up the others qualities. There is no way you can’t be trustworthy, passionate, creative and patient if you are positive. To the potential vendors: put your smile on and help your newly found customers thrive with their business! Both clients and vendors will benefit!



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