5 Lessons About Business Solution You Can Learn From Superheroes

Business Solution Super Hero


As I was going through the (amazing!) website Comic Vine, I realized that businessmen and businesswomen have a lot to learn from the powers of superheroes. I think your business solution should have super powers, well… features. Here is my top 5 superheroes and the 5 super powers I think you should have a closer look at when you are shopping for a new business solution.

1. Superman – Invulnerability

Superman’s powers are Agility, Attractive Male, Berserker Strength, Blast Power, Energy Absorption, Flight, Healing, Heat, Vision, Ice Breath, Intellect, Invulnerability, Leadership, Longevity, Stamina, Super Hearing, Super Sight, Super Speed, Super Strength, Unarmed Combat and Wind Bursts.

Superman’s power your business solution should have: Invulnerability

Your business solution, just as the vendor selling it, should be secure and reliable. You should feel safe and confident all along the process of acquiring this new product. You also want it to be backed by powerful servers to avoid security breaches and down time.

2. Batman – Adaptive

Batman’s powers are Adaptive, Agility, Attractive Male, Escape Artist, Gadgets, Insanely Rich, Intellect, Leadership, Marksmanship, Power Suit, Stamina, Stealth, Swordsmanship, Tracking, Unarmed Combat, Weapon Master.

Batman’s power your business solution should have: Adaptive

Your business solution should be customizable. I believe in giving the power back to the super-users. You shouldn’t need the IT department to create your database applications, add a field to an existing one, create a search or a report. I strongly believe that with the appropriate support from the vendor and a minimum of technology literacy, pretty much any user is capable of customizing his business solution. End-user customization makes the use of the software so much easier.

3. Spider-Man – Gadgets

Spider-Man’s powers are Agility, Attractive Male, Danger Sense, Gadgets, Healing, Intellect, Power Suit, Radar Sense, Stamina, Super Speed, Super Strength, Unarmed Combat, Wall Clinger, Webslinger.

Spider-Man’s power your business solution should have: Gadgets

Your business solution should offer a multitude of features. Maybe you don’t need to be able to climb walls and sling webs but you should be given many options when it comes to the use of your new business solution. A few of my favorites are: parent-child item linking, dashboard widgets both private and public, recurring items and multi-project calendars. Make sure you have the vendor explain all the features available before you sign down the line.

4. Wonder Woman – Empathy

Wonder Woman’s powers are Agility, Attractive Female, Divine Powers, Empathy, Flight, Healing, Immortal, Insanely Rich, Invulnerability, Leadership, Marksmanship, Omni-lingual, Power Item, Stamina, Super Speed, Super Strength, Swordsmanship, Tracking, Unarmed Combat, Weapon Master.

Wonder Woman’s power your business solution should have: Empathy

Wonder Woman made the list because there should always be at least one woman in your team of super-users. Your business solution should give you the option to connect and share with your team. Communication is such an important part of business productivity and efficiency, you simply can’t let this one go. A web-based business solution is usually connecting users better than an installed one. Another way to share with your team through your business solution is to create comment sections within your items.

5. Hulk – Longevity

Hulk’s powers are Adaptive, Agility, Berserker Strength, Energy Absorption, Healing, Immortal, Intellect, Invulnerability, Longevity, Radiation, Shape Shifter, Stamina, Super Speed, Super Strength, Tracking, Unarmed Combat, Weapon Master.

Hulk’s power your business solution should have: Longevity

Your business solution should be sustainable in the long run. To avoid unpleasant surprises down the road, you should always check the reputation and number of year in business of the vendor you are considering signing with. You should also inquire about the support available to you and your team. Finally, consider I remind you to consider the pros and cons of both installed and web-based solutions to make the best decision in regards of your current and future needs.

Did your favorite superhero made the list? Do you agree with the powers I selected for your business solution? Please leave a comment with your answer.
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