3 Rules Anyone Working with Online Database Software Should Know

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You shall not delete applications and projects

If you are not sure what is the hierarchy for applications, projects and items, you must watch the first 30 seconds of this video. You shall remember that the application is the blueprint for your projects. This is where you choose and organize the fields you need to gather your data. When you are done designing your application, you can then create many projects from this blueprint. Each project will then contain numerous items.

This is why you shall think twice when you are considering deleting an application or a project. The application comes first. If you delete the application, you will delete all the projects derived from this app and, of course, all the items contained in it. This could be a huge catastrophe. If you delete a project, you will loose all the items that were contained in it. You will still have the ability to recreate a similar project since you will still have the application, but all the preexisting data will be lost.

To ensure that you think twice before deleting applications and projects, we implemented a simple solution suggested by a client after one user in his account deleted many projects. You shall now enter your password before you can delete a project. This is what you will see if you try.


confirm delete project Kohezion


As for the application, we even added a “stop” sign and a big warning for you to read before you type in your password.


confirm application delete Kohezion


Did we make it clear enough?


You shall ask for help when you need it

If you are feeling stuck with the use of your account, you shall ask for help. There are many options for you out there. You can start with Kohezion’s website. It is packed with videos and knowledge base articles. If you don’t want to get out of your account, you can click on the question mark on the right top corner of your screen. A pop-up window will open and let you watch the same videos and read the same articles.

If you have a question, you shall use the “contact us” to send us your support question. We love to hear from you. Don’t worry, we can take some challenges. You can expect to hear back from us within one business day, often with the hour during business hour. Try us!

If your question needs a bit more then an email answer, you can always benefit from a free, one-on-one 30 minutes webinar. One of our experts will take the time to guide you towards the best resources for your needs. Afterwards, you can spend a few dollars to spend more time with an expert if you feel the need. You will end-up a database application expert in no time!

Finally, remember that all the users in your account don’t learn at the same pace. There are usually one or two self-made super-users who understood the whole software within the first hour of use. Make sure you ask them your questions, I’m sure it will make them proud to be able to help you solve your small issues. Everybody wins!


You shall take advantage of the customization possibilities

Did you know that it is possible to customize your applications, projects, searches, reports, preferences, dashboards, security and even more? Pretty much everything is customizable in your Kohezion account and you absolutely don’t need any programming skills. No programming whatsoever. No joke.

This is your chance to make it your own. Many users can use the same account but all will make a very different use of it. The data is still all under the same roof but each user can make the most out of it according to his or her personal needs and role in the company.


Are you ready to create your own apps? Say goodbye to Excel to manage your business data. This is the twenty-first century, not 1982.

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