3 Real-Life Lessons About Legacy System

Life lessons


In life and in business, we sometimes need to experience a few lessons in order to learn to make the right decisions. Here are three real-life lessons that will teach you something about legacy systems.


Waiting too long will only make things worst

You know when you have that toothache not making your life completely miserable but bothering you enough to think about it on a regular basis? If you hate going to the dentist or you don’t find the money in your budget to go right away, you will postpone the appointment until that tooth finally get infected and make you cry with pain. You will then go to the dentist but you will end up needing a root canal procedure that will cost you way more then the basic filling you would have needed if you went months prior. Bummer AND budget buster.

With legacy systems, waiting too long will not do any good to your business. You may end-up having your system blow-up in your face and have to spend way bigger bucks to replace it in a rush. And I’m not even talking about the financial lost you will face from the down-time and the possible loss of preexisting data stuck in the now departed legacy system. Disaster. I understand that sometimes, the cost of keeping your legacy system is lower than the cost of changing it right away. But waiting is always a short-term high risk solution. Really, can you afford to have your system blow-up in your face?


Lacking support makes your life miserable

Married men live longer and healthier with a spouse. Don’t throw the stone at me, it’s a fact! A 2010 article from Harvard Health Publications  states that:

“A major survey of 127,545 American adults found that married men are healthier than men who were never married or whose marriages ended in divorce or widowhood. Men who have marital partners also live longer than men without spouses; (…) and the longer a man stays married, the greater his survival advantage over his unmarried peers. ”

A healthy online database software needs a supporting partner. That partner is your vendor offering the support you and your team need. It’s just as you and your kids are part of the happy family you and your spouse constitute.  Living with a legacy system is just like being divorced: you no longer have the support of a partner and you have to spend loads on monthly maintenance. Why don’t you put yourself back on the market and find a new system that will give you the support you deserve?


Trying to save pennies will make you spend more in the end

Sometimes you look at the price tag of an item in the store and you just wonder why you would pay more for the brand name instead of going for the half-priced generic brand. Because the true and tested IS better! Think about it, try to buy generic brand ketchup instead of the brand name one. Will you get to the bottom of the generic brand bottle before trowing it in the garbage and run to the store for the real stuff? You can also try to buy the “equivalent” brand for your kids running shoes. You will end up buying three pairs in a year instead of one. Buying the cheap stuff is never the way to go. You end-up spending more in the end.

When it comes to legacy systems, trying to save on your replacement solution is simply a recipe for disaster. Remember how I said that brother-in-law are amazing golf partner but shouldn’t be your partner for your “no-problem-I-can-do-that-for-way-less” legacy system migration? I didn’t change my mind. Don’t try to save a few thousand bucks only to have to spend three times more to replace the bogus solution your brother-in-law designed for you. Thanksgiving dinner would forever be awkward. Do yourself a favour. Save your money and your family relationships!


Happy Friday!


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