10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Business Solution

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Business solutions are all about empowerment, organization and connections. Here are 10 tell-tale signs you need a new business solution allowing you new tools to achieve these goals.


You definitely need a new business solution if you still have on your desk

1. A huge sticky notes system

Some people just can’t live without sticky notes, I’m one of them. I use it to display inspiring quotes and to remind me of my current goals like on this pictures, taken a few years back while I was studying for my NCLEX exam to get my Hawaiian RN license:


sticky notes


But if you are using sticky notes for your appointments and reminders, this is where the trouble begins. This is clearly not the best solution possible.


2. Manilla files

You may think I’m joking, but I know quite a few people still organizing the information on their projects and clients with manilla files. I still use them to collect and organize important papers that I can’t scan and shred like contracts and such. But when it comes to data that can (and should!) be collected in a database, please take the leap!


3. A paper organizer

As I already confessed, I used to carry a lot of paper around and I still have a hard time to let my paper organizer go. But since I made the switch to 100% cloud-based organization system, I couldn’t go back. I especially like to be able to link my tasks, including calls, email and appointments to my clients and prospects. I have a whole safety net system in place that is made of reminders going straight to my inbox that I couldn’t live without.


You still have on your desktop

4. Spreadsheets to keep track of your clients information

I get it, you’ll tell me that at least the information isn’t on sticky notes or in manilla files and I give you credit for that. But spreadsheets are my nemesis. In my introduction I said that business solutions are all about empowerment, organization and connections. I think spreadsheets are failing you on all three of them. I hate spreadsheets.


You often forget

5. Your appointments

Remember that paper organizer? What if you forget it at home? What if you loose it? Forgetting an appointment is unforgivable and will most definitively lead to loosing a prospect or client. Nobody likes that.


6. To return calls

Same as for your appointments, if you forget to return your calls, you will loose business.


Which is making you

7. Loose clients

If you don’t have a good system to follow up on your prospects, you sure will forget about them on the long run. To turn a prospect into a client, you will have to get in contact with her many times over several months. Calls, voicemails, emails, conference calls, presentations; all of these will be involved. Is your actual system effective to help you keep track of it all?


8. And as a result, you loose money

Whatever the number of prospects you have, if you can’t turn them into clients, you are unfortunately not making money. If your organizational system is failing you, you loose money.



And the final result is

9. You’re feeling overwhelmed but you’re not getting any work done

You spend your working hours extinguishing fires and running in circles instead of doing productive work.

10. You have trouble sleeping at night

You toss and turn all night, thinking about what you did, what you forgot and what you should have done instead. (Click here¬†and watch the video about what Arianna Huffington has to say about sleep, you’ll be surprised!)



At the end, I think your business solution should definitely be web-based, involve regular backups and most importantly, make you feel in control of your business. Browse through this blog if you want to learn more! Good night!



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