10 Facts About Database Application That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

Cloud Database Application


How can database applications make you smile, you are asking? Because database applications make you become an even more awesome worker. Learn how.


1. Be creative

Designing database applications is a creative process. You start from a vague idea and you create something amazing from it. Your idea is your database application, sky is the limit.


2. Be in control

The control you can have over your database applications goes from all access to all users to only view permissions and everything in between. There are different people working in your account and you want to be able to adapt to the needs and accountability of each of them individually.


3. Be recurrent

Your database applications give you the possibility to create recurring items. No need to create each item one at a time. Be efficient and program your recurrent items such as meetings and contract renewal to be created on the period and schedule you need.


4. Be organized

Overall, database applications help you be organized. Each app brings together all the data in one category of your business as a group. Clients with clients, tasks with tasks. Your apps are just like drawers where you can organize your data.


5. Be connected

Unlike the evil spreadsheets, your database applications are online. This means the information is automatically shared within your account, without needing a complicated intranet system, a designated file keeper or a cluttered desktop.


6. Be independent

Stop waiting for the IT guy to create your searches, reports and dashboard. You can do it yourself! Can you imagine the time you save not to have to place a call to the service desk and wait your turn for the IT guy who will probably not understand what you want the first time he finally shows up? No hurt feelings IT guys, you can now concentrate on bigger projects!


7. Be code-free

Forget about “Programming – For Dummies”, you don’t need to learn to code. Period. Your database applications are simple and easy to create and edit without knowing any HTML. If you ever do know a bit about it, you can always plug some lines of code to make your apps even cooler.


8. Be a team player

Go ahead and share with your team. Add a comment section to each of your database applications and share your pertinent thoughts on the matter at hands. You app will let you track who and when the comment was left. No more long email exchanges to debate about an item, you can do it in your account and keep a record of it.


9. Be linked

I’m sure you have more than one database application in your account and I’m also sure some of them are related one to another. With your app, link those items together easily with a parent-child relationship. For example, let’s say the client is the parent and the contracts are the children. When you open a client item, you can see the list of all the contracts you ever attached to it. One more level of organization!


10. Be responsive

One last feature of your database application that will make you smile is the ability to make changes to your fields’ values as you go, without going back to the creation screen. Let’s say your statuses are currently “Done” and “In Progress” but you realize that you need “Refused”. No need to get out of the item you are currently editing, simply click the “plus” button and add your value. Done!


I could go on an on about the things I love about database applications but I will let you speak up. What do you love about database applications?



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