10 Apps to Help You Manage Your Business productivity



In order to manage our daily personal and work-related lives, we all have our emails, social medias, calendar and all those basic apps on our tablets and cellphones. In order to further improve your business productivity, I suggest you add at least one app in each of the 10 categories I propose here.


1. Your bank

Either for personal or business use, checking out your balance or making a transfer is now easily done on the go with your bank’s app. Most banks will also give you information about your credit cards and line of credit.


2. Your blog

I personally use WordPress for business and Blogger personal use. Both app are on my tablet so I can jolt down ideas on the go. I never actually publish from the app. but I’m the kind of messy writer who is having my best ideas at odd times and I like to be able to quickly adding them directly to my blog so I can edit it later on my computer.


3. Your file hosting service

If you are not using one yet, go read this post and I guarantee that you will open an account an d sync it on all your computers and devices within the hour. Loosing your files can be a disaster especially for your business. I personally use DropBox but I also strongly suggest GoogleDrive. Both are compatible with Kohezion!


4. Your eReading app

To stay sharp and productive, I read at least one to two books a week. No kidding! Since we are travelling often, I prefer to read on a device instead of bringing heavy books with me. It also allows me to read a few books at a time. I personally use Kobo but I also suggest Kindle for an impressive selection of books available in different languages. Do you need reading suggestions?


5. Google Maps

Confession time: I do get lost a lot. Even if I have been living in the same city for the last 10 years, I still need a GPS to drive around. When I forget my actual GPS, I use my Google Maps app on my phone or even better on my tablet. It works especially great to walk around a new city you are visiting.


6. Newsstand

If you like to stay up to date in the news from different parts of the world, Newsstand (on the ipad) is for you. It allows me to be current on the news from my neighbourhood even when we are miles away. There are many free and paid options. I also think it has the advantage to be good for the environment.


7. A translator app

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for using the professional services of an actual translator when I need to have documents transferred in another language. But on a daily basis, especially when you are working in a language that is not your mother tongue, I suggest to have a translator app on your mobile device. It can get you out of embarrassing situations and help you find the exact word you only know in your first language when you are redacting. I use Google Translate.


8. Many communication apps

I use Skype, Messages and Facetime several times a day, on my computers and mobile devices. These services used to be so expensive but are now very affordable if not free. Skype is now a more than acceptable option for business communications. For meetings, I use Webex that is now available on the tablet.


9. A word, keynotes and spreadsheets (!) processor

This is a must to edit documents on the go. There are Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Apple aficionados or newly added last week, the MS Office is now available on tablets. Don’t get your hopes up too much on MS Office though, it is read only unless you have an Office 365 subscription.


10. And a few games!

Games to improve your productivity? Yes, of course! There is nothing better than a game of Scramble, Angry Birds or Spider Solitaire when you feel stuck on your project. Take a 5 to 10 minutes break to play your game of choice and go back to the task at hand with a way lower stress level.


These are my personal suggestions of apps to improve your business productivity. What are your favourites? Please leave a comment to share yours.




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