One-to-many relationship: How to link your applications together

One-to-many relationship linking feature

This post explains the concept of one-to-many relationship and how it translates into Kohezion’s linking feature.

Kohezion Officially Launched in the Greater Montreal Area

Kohezion TGMT-Systems CEO Thierry Tremblay

On October 21, 2014, Kohezion was officially launched for the Greater Montreal area. Learn more about Kohezion at .

The 6 Database Application Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid: Part 2

avoidable database application mistakes Kohezion 2

Three more easily avoidable database application mistakes are shared on this blog. Subjects covered are the use of sections, data import and deleting applications.

The 6 Database Application Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid: Part 1

mistakes to avoid Kohezion

These are the first three of a series of easily avoidable database application mistakes. Subjects covered are the use the right amount and type of fields as long as the fields organization within an application.

The 4 Best Things About Database Applications

database applications four best things customization Kohezion

Here are four amazing reasons why you and your business should adopt database applications to manage your data.