Excel Online: For Temporary Data Storage Use ONLY

Here’s a point to ponder: Excel should never be used as a permanent data storage solution. This is because Microsoft’s flagship spreadsheet solution was never intended to be used as a permanent database solution. What it was meant to do,... Read more

Excel Online – Not meant to be a database

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One critical mistake many small businesses make is when they choose Excel Online as a database solution. In fact, a large number of businesses use spreadsheet application exclusively to hold all of their data. Over the years, this mistake has... Read more

Excel Online – The Right Time to Move Away

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Small businesses usually choose Excel Online as their first database or bookkeeping software solutions; they even find some more innovative ways of using it. If you are a small business yourself, you will probably have started out with this spreadsheet... Read more

Best Online Database and Management Software in 2019

We’re Best Online Database and Management Software in 2019 – Two Times Over! As we approach the end of the year, we have to admit that 2019 has been really good to us. First, Corporate Vision Magazine chose Kohezion for... Read more

Microsoft Access Online – Advantages of Creating an Online Database

There was a time when Microsoft Access Online was a major player in the online data storage market. Small businesses would choose it for their human resources, payroll and inventory control systems. Because most small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) were familiar with... Read more