What is the purpose of a pivot table?

pivot table online database software
Unless you're a Microsoft Excel power user, creating pivot tables in a spreadsheet can be a daunting task. It requires time and dedication to learn the functions and overcome the inevitable error messages. Once mastered, they're incredibly valuable for anyone...Read more

SaaS Versus Custom Development

When you're running a business it can be challenging to balance the immediate needs of your business with what you think will be needed further down the line as you grow. Without knowing exactly what your needs will be in...Read more

How to Transfer My Data To Online Database Software

Transfer My Data To Online Database Software Kohezion
If you are not currently using a solid business solution to take care of your data management, it is time to start considering safe and easy to use options. One of these options is an online database software such as...Read more

What You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Kohezion
  What Is Cloud Computing Whenever you use a computer, you are creating and managing data. This data need to be stored somewhere. When we talk about cloud computing, the data is stored in the cloud (the Internet) instead of...Read more

3 Tips to Optimize the Calendar View in Kohezion

3 Tips to Optimize the Calendar View in Kohezion
Showcasing your data in a grid view can be practical and efficient, but sometimes, you need a quick overview in a calendar format. Especially if you are using a date or a date and time field, optimizing your usage of...Read more